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Using used/discarded clothings, dyed by UCHIDA DYEING WORKS, patterns made and sewn by POTTO, this up-cycled T-shirts is one-of-a-kind piece. 

Body length: 67cm/26" - 72cm/28"
Bust(1/2): 55cm/21.5"
Shoulder: 60cm/23.5"
Sleeve length: 21cm/8"

Model height: 167cm/67.75”

★All clothes from POTTO x UCHIDA DYEING WORKS are one-of-a-kind. Since old clothes are reused as a base, there may be damage such as small holes and fraying on the body, and uneven dyeing caused by stains that were originally in the old clothes and old cloth.

★UCHIDA DYEING WORKS is a dyeing factory for the fashion brands, so rather than making NEW clothes by themselves, they decided to reuse old clothes that are overflowing all over Japan (and of course all over the world) and make NOT NEW cloths by dyeing them. 

POTTO also makes clothings by pattern making and sewing based on old clothes every day, so in the collaboration of POTTOxUCHIDA DYEING WORKS, we freely demonstrate each other's areas of expertise and create "NOT NEW" clothes (re-used items) but you will find very interesting items.

Used clothings are from several countries and/or from Japan. Dyed in Tokyo, and cut and sewn in Okayama, all process is made in Japan.

"Not new" summer collection by POTTO × UCHIDA DYEING WORKS
Pattern&making: POTTO
Dyeing & bleaching: UCHIDA DYEING WORKS
Photo: Ayaco Nakamura
Hair&Make: Ayami Kiyota
Model: Natsumi Nagai
Direction: Yuka Chabata (ucou)

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